The picture shows a path in the woods; symbolic of the path of life. It leads to an old stone bridge which crosses into the forest. The forest is uncharted territory; a place where we must rely on our senses to find the way. Of 2 Minds services provides a solid bridge from the known into the unknown; the conscious mind into the subconscious
Stephanie Rachel Alt, M.S., Psychic Psychotherapist, Salinas, California

The beluga whale is symbolic of the ability to dive and dwell in the depths of subconscious mind comfortably.  The whale is an ancient animal with extraordinary means of communicating. Belugas are enchanting and are even thought to be telepathic. Stephanie Rachel Alt is psychic, telepathic, and clairaudient. She uses her intuitive intelligence and counseling skills in her intuitive psychic readings to help solve personal and business issues.

How do we know … without knowing why …?!

Answering this question has been a personal and professional journey for Stephanie. Learning how to process intuitive information started thirty years ago when Stephanie was a participant in Pat Rodegast’s first intuitive channeling group, in Westport, Ct.

"I wanted to learn more about myself. I had so many out of the ordinary experiences when I was a teenager that I began to read about E.S.P. Pat’s group was comprised of educators and health practitioners. We all wanted to develop our perceptivity to use in our work. I began hearing direct and accurate thoughts about people I’d never met! I could sense their struggles and offer insights to help clarify situations." Stephanie says. "The more I refined my intuitive process, the more information I received."

Stephanie has continued this work privately, at Pilgrim’s Way Bookstore, in Carmel, Ca. and as a reader at the ROTA Psychic Fairs, held bi-annually in Monterey, Ca. In addition, Stephanie offers food for thought; including activities, and suggested reading materials, to foster healing and change.

Ask about relationships, family, work, and health. Stephanie also offers insights on dreams; their meaning and messages.

"Intuiting information humbles me. It is a privilege and responsibility I hold and share with integrity and honor."

    Intuitive Readings Rates:
  • $25.00 per 15 minute intervals
  • $90.00 per hour (save 10%)
  • Phone sessions available

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"Consciousness is a priceless gem to possess"
-Stephanie Rachel Alt, M.S.

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