The picture shows a path in the woods; symbolic of the path of life. It leads to an old stone bridge which crosses into the forest. The forest is uncharted territory; a place where we must rely on our senses to find the way. Of 2 Minds services provides a solid bridge from the known into the unknown; the conscious mind into the subconscious
Stephanie Rachel Alt, M.S., Psychic Psychotherapist, Salinas, California

The buck symbolizes strength and fortitude and one who would rather stand his own ground than harm another wrongfully. Becoming conscious of the words we use enables us to use words as powerful tools. Of 2 Minds Conscious Communication and NLP Coaching teaches you how to be assertive without being aggressive, and how to communicate effectively for success.

What do you do when you have conflicting thoughts and feelings?

How do you move through an impasse, not sure what to say, when to speak, and how to respond?

Using Conscious Communication and N.L.P. techniques Stephanie will teach you practical ways to tune in and listen specifically to what is on your mind. As you become "word conscious" you will learn to:

  Choose words that promote understanding and enthusiastic cooperation with others.

Be assertive without being aggressive.

Identify and change self-defeating inner dialog into constructive and supportive commentary.

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"Experience the mastery of language.
Just imagine a word might be worth a thousand pictures!
-Stephanie Rachel Alt, M.S.

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