The picture shows a path in the woods; symbolic of the path of life. It leads to an old stone bridge which crosses into the forest. The forest is uncharted territory; a place where we must rely on our senses to find the way. Of 2 Minds services provides a solid bridge from the known into the unknown; the conscious mind into the subconscious
Stephanie Rachel Alt, M.S., Psychic Psychotherapist, Salinas, California

Have you ever had a strong feeling that something was wrong? What did you do?

Have you ever had a compelling thought, come "out of the blue" that grabbed your attention, and made you stop what you were doing?
Did you act on your intuition?

Instincts are innate impulses that are biologically wired into our bodies. Like personal emergency warning systems, they automatically signal us when there is potential danger; something that may be harmful to us physically and or emotionally.

Intuition is a way of perceiving that Stephanie refers to as "sensing thoughts". Intuitions often pop into our mind for no apparent reason, and without any logical explanation. You might hear an intuitive thought as clearly as if someone was speaking directly to you. Sometimes intuitions come in a series of pictures, like a movie, or through physical sensations that you suddenly feel in your body.

How do you know what feelings and thoughts to trust and believe?

As an Intuitive Coach Stephanie will teach you to distinguish instinctive feelings, from emotional feelings. This is a key factor in knowing how to respond. She will also guide you in heightening your intuitive awareness.

    Intuitive Coaching helps you:

    Clarify and develop your inner vision and insight.

    Hear and trust your wisest voice.

    Use your instincts to protect and defend you.

    Draw on both your intuition and logic when making important decisions.


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    "Fine-tuning your intuition safeguards your future
    and opens doors to the extraordinary
    -Stephanie Rachel Alt, M.S.

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