The picture shows a path in the woods; symbolic of the path of life. It leads to an old stone bridge which crosses into the forest. The forest is uncharted territory; a place where we must rely on our senses to find the way. Of 2 Minds services provides a solid bridge from the known into the unknown; the conscious mind into the subconscious
Stephanie Rachel Alt, M.S., Life Coach, Salinas, California

Stephanie Alt, MS, Of 2 Minds Services Are you ready to make important and powerful changes?

Not sure what to do and where to begin?

Life Coach Stephanie Rachel Alt has created a form of mental coaching that is unique and inclusive of both thoughts and feelings. Are you aware that we have two minds? Drawing from the wisdom of the unconscious mind in combination with logical thinking, Of 2 Minds Life Coaching helps you determine the right path and course of action towards achieving personal and professional success.

Stephanie's wide range of services includes; NLP Coaching for Effective Communication and Maximized Performance, Conflict Resolution, Stress Reduction, Hypnosis, Dream Analysis, Intuitive Readings and Intuitive Coaching.

Of 2 Minds Life Coaching helps you understand the dynamics of each situation and create viable ways to manifest what you want.

Take business for example. Are you looking to change careers, expand your business, hire new staff, downsize, or enter into a new partnership?

Do you want to better your relationships with a spouse, significant other, child, parent, boss, co-worker, friend or student?

Would you like support to loose and manage weight, choose the right medical person and medical procedure, learn to deal more effectively with chronic pain, prepare for child birth, prepare for surgery, and promote rapid healing after surgery?

What about improving your mental game for competitive sports, giving an engaging speech or writing a power packed letter that assertively states what the issues are without being aggressive?

Do you trust your feelings? Would you like to sharpen your instincts for self protection and self defense, and have a better understanding of intuitions? Are you curious about the symbolic messages of your dreams?

If the answer to any of these is yes, give Life Coach Stephanie Alt and Of 2 Minds Life Coaching a call.

When your thoughts and feelings are conflicted, ask Stephanie about relationships, business, finances and health.

Office hours, workshops & group training also available.


"Thoughts and words are powerful tools.
Learn to use them wisely."

-Stephanie Rachel Alt, M.S.

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